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Is Your School Substitute Teacher Friendly?

Is Your School Substitute Teacher Friendly?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! If your hallways are not already bristling with back-to-school excitement, it won't be long now. Your substitute teachers are excited to go back to school, too!

What makes your school a place substitute teachers love to work? It turns out there are some little and not-so-little factors that really matter! 

Creating a substitute teacher friendly culture at your school involves communication, support, and giving some consideration to the logistics involved in being a guest on your campus. Here are a few tips:

  • When your substitute teachers have a successful day, so do your students! Talk with your faculty and staff about your expectations for creating a substitute-friendly school culture. What role do they play in supporting and including your subs? 

  • Include students in discussions about how to keep the classroom going strong when the teacher is away. Establish classroom routines that provide safety, structure, and stability, no matter who is leading the class.

  • Ensure your substitute teachers know how to easily contact key members of your team, including the school nurse, the dean, a co-teacher, and an administrator in charge. One popular idea is to provide a guest teacher lanyard with this information.

  • Give your subs the logistical support they need, such as a map of the school, the daily schedule, information on how and where to get lunch, and a key to the faculty restroom. Consider any variables your guest teachers need to know to ensure they can smoothly navigate through their day.

  • Is there a scheduled fire drill or practice lock-down? Surprises can be a little unnerving. Make sure your subs know the procedures to guide students through safety drills and emergencies. 

  • Check in with your guest teachers during the school day, and establish a risk-free way for subs to give feedback about their experience at your school. You are likely to learn interesting and useful information about your school's culture and operations!

Communication, inclusion, and thoughtfulness create a substitute teacher friendly culture that supports the success of your guest teachers and your school. We wish you a safe, smooth, and successful start to the school year! 

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