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New Ebook: Hiring And Maintaining Quality Substitutes For Your Charter School

New Ebook: Hiring And Maintaining Quality Substitutes For Your Charter School

Since the world was turned on its head three years ago with the Pandemic, education has been put to the test at every level. School leaders have had to navigate uncharted waters in the form of e-learning, hybrid teaching, learning loss, and an increased need for social-emotional learning. Compounding these issues is a notable increase in teacher absenteeism and a national substitute teacher shortage.

Charter school administrators are even more hard-pressed to seek solutions, as unhappy parents may choose to leave their school for what they perceive as a stronger educational opportunity for their children. Finding, hiring, and maintaining quality subs is one solution, albeit one that can be challenging in and of itself. 

substitutes for charter schoolsOur new ebook, The Power of Quality Substitutes: How Hiring and Maintaining the Best Substitutes Can Improve Your Charter School, provides insights into how you can connect with and retain subs. 

The ebook explores topics such as:

  • How to hire quality substitutes

  • Managing and supporting substitutes

  • Retaining and measuring the impact of subs 

  • What education staffing agencies bring to the table

  • And much more!

As an administrator of a charter school, you are juggling dozens of daily responsibilities and need to take advantage of valuable resources that help you reduce teacher burnout, boost staff morale, lower teacher absenteeism, and improve the quality and effectiveness of overall school performance. Download our ebook to learn how experienced, reliable educational staffing companies can help you resolve serious staffing issues and make your charter school more successful!

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