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Sub Spotlight April 2022

Sub Spotlight April 2022

Sub Spotlight April 2022

Our Substitute Spotlight teacher for the month of April is Zahra Alahmedi!


For the month of April, the Sub Teacher Source recruitment and placement team have selected Zahra Alahmedi as the Substitute Spotlight! She has been working with the Sub Teacher Source team for as she puts it "one amazing year!" She has worked as a daily and long-term sub at a variety of schools in her area. To find out more about Zahra, we reached out to ask her the following questions:

  1. What made you want to be a substitute teacher? 
    I have 6 years of teaching experience, three years as a K-12 Teacher and three years as a College Instructor. When I immigrated to the United State, I wanted to continue my career as an educator with the same spirit and goals. As a substitute teacher, I have the opportunity to interact with various educational programs and school systems. This will further develop my teaching skills while give back to my community.  


  1. What is your favorite thing about being a substitute teacher? 
    Exposure to various educational programs and school systems.


  1. When you are not substitute teaching, what do you like to do in your spare time? 
    I like to spending time with my family, drawing, making flower designs and traveling.  


  1. Why do you feel that is it so important to have good substitute teachers? 
    The substitute teacher ensures that students continue their education uninterrupted when their main teacher is absent. Continuity in education is vital for the success of the students. I feel a good substitute teacher is very important to achieve this objective.  


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