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Sub Spotlight February 2022

Sub Spotlight February 2022

Sub Spotlight February 2022

Our Substitute Spotlight teacher for the month of February is Wayne Eason!


For the month of February, the Sub Teacher Source recruitment and placement team have selected Mr. Wayne Eason to be in the Substitute Spotlight! He has been working with the Sub Teacher Source team for 4 years at a variety of schools in his area. We reached out to Mr. Eason and asked him the following questions:

1.     What made you want to become a substitute teacher?

I love to go to different communities to see how I can give my services to different grades and how I can make a positive impact on each day.  I want to be involved with different children to different grades to see how I can brighten their day of educational learning when the teachers need someone to continue the educational learning in their absence.


2.     What is your favorite thing about substitute teaching?

My favorite thing about substitute teaching is reflecting from my past experience to make my next day of work with children even better.  I believe in learning from my past  challenged me to be myself  I can teacher students how to be their best self in the educational learning.


3.     What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t teaching?

During my time when I’m not teaching, I love traveling anywhere outdoors.  Whether it’s different cities, places and sites.  The world is a big adventure with lots to explore and learn from.


4.     Why do you feel it is so important for schools to have good substitute teachers?

Being a good substitute is more than just covering for a teacher when absent.  It’s about building positive relationships with everyone you come in contact with.  Teachers, students, parents and educational leaders will take a huge appreciation to your talents as they see you as a quality educator giving students an education experience where they feel safe. This leads to bigger opportunities for me. In my own words, “Helping others is its own reward”.


Thank you Wayne for all you do for the schools, teachers, and students in your community!


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