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Sub Spotlight March 2022

Sub Spotlight March 2022

Sub Spotlight March 2022

Our Substitute Spotlight teacher for the month of March is Dr. Wanda Goodnough!


For the month of March, Dr. Wanda Goodnough has been selected as our Substitute Spotlight guest teacher!  Dr. Goodnough has been with Sub Teacher Source for almost 2 years and is passionate about education and making a difference in her community. To learn more about Dr. Goodnough’s substitute teaching experience, we asked her the following questions:



What made you want to be a substitute teacher?

"I believe that knowledge brings power!! And with knowledge power, it provides a deep sense to want to help others to better themselves. I dedicated 20 years to learning and the least I can do is provide what I have learned and obtained to help others!"



What is your favorite thing about being a substitute teacher? 

"At first, I truly liked the fact of flexibility, being independent, and working for myself. My favorite part is to be able to pick what assignments I want and where I want to work. And, still, work for myself."



What do you like to do in your spare time when you aren't substitute teaching?

"I love working, traveling, spending time with my family, running for political office, and helping others in need."



Why do you feel that is it so important to have good substitute teachers?

"I think substitute teachers are the new normal for the 21st century. We are there to make sure we can do diligence to help educate students.  We provide a service that has been in existence since the beginning of time. I would have to say we are the glue that holds the educational system together.  We are here to help and serve as best we can. Some are not certified but certifiable dedicated to helping educate."



Thank you Dr. Goodnough for all of your hard work and passion that you put into being a substitute teacher. Our partner schools are so lucky to have you!