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The Most Vulnerable Time for Teacher Burnout? Right Now

The Most Vulnerable Time for Teacher Burnout? Right Now

Why do so many teachers feel burned out by April?

Teaching is a noble profession, but it can also be incredibly challenging. In the United States, K-12 workers have the highest burnout level of all industries nationally. Preventing burnout is a formidable task for school leadership. The causes of burnout can vary, but they often include factors like heavy workloads, perceived lack of support from colleagues or administrators, and a lack of work-life balance.

 Here are some common reasons why teachers may get burned out and eventually quit their jobs:

- Heavy workload with too little time for breaks or planning/grading during the workday

- Taking work home is disruptive to work-life balance

- Dealing with difficult students and parents

- Feeling unsupported

- Limited opportunities for professional growth

- Constantly being asked to "do more" such as giving up planning time to cover teacher absences

How does access to quality substitute teachers help?

Teacher burnout can have serious consequences for both teachers and students. Skilled substitutes help prevent teacher burnout and create better educational outcomes. They allow teachers to take time off without worrying about the quality of instruction their students receive, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced stress levels. Access to quality subs also eliminates the need to ask teachers to take on larger or combined class loads or give up planning time to cover other classes. Substitute availability makes it possible for schools to plan professional development for teachers during regular school hours. Investing in quality substitutes is a must for schools and school districts looking to better support their teachers and increase student success.

School leaders recognize the positive impact of reliable substitute teachers. Choosing to work with a substitute teacher staffing agency – an agency specifically geared for the educational sector and dedicated to pairing competent, reliable, well-trained substitute teachers – ensures you will have the staffing coverage you need to run your school effectively.

Learn more about the benefits of proactive absence management at Sub Teacher Source.  

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