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The Absence Management Secret Weapon

The Absence Management Secret Weapon

Absence management may not be the most difficult part of your job as a school administrator, but it certainly can be one of the most chaotic. Starting off the school day with last-minute teacher call-offs and unplanned absences to manage can feel like fighting a battle. If you're looking for a secret weapon in absence management, building floaters - also known as building substitutes - can be the answer. 

A Tennessee school tackled the issue of heavy staff call-off days with a proactive approach. To avoid last-minute scrambling, they scheduled building substitutes on Mondays and Fridays, when teacher absences were most likely to occur. "Managing last-minute absences can be very time-consuming and stressful," said school administrator Lisa J. "Our analysis of absence patterns and use of dependable building substitutes has kept our academic momentum going strong and improved school performance. Going forward, we'll always include building substitutes in our staffing plan."

What makes a building substitute so effective? 

  • Consistency:  When your school is understaffed, it impacts the well-being of your students and staff, making it difficult for them to perform at their best. To maintain an effective school environment, it's important to have consistent staffing support.
  • Reliability: Building substitutes are a valuable addition to your school community, as they promptly familiarize themselves with your school's schedule, routines, faculty, and students. A good building sub quickly becomes a reliable resource you can count on to manage whatever the day brings.
  • Flexibility: A skilled building substitute is a versatile asset! They come prepared to offer expert assistance wherever required, be it teaching first-grade reading, seventh-grade science, or aiding in the school's administrative office.

As an effective school administrator, you want to ensure that your staff and students have a school that operates seamlessly. Quality building substitutes can provide consistency, flexibility, and assurance in staffing. They offer reliable support for your team and help prevent disruptions from unexpected absences. Morning mischief ... managed!

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