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The Real Impact of Teacher Absences

The Real Impact of Teacher Absences

When a classroom teacher is absent, on average six other teachers and over 100 students in the school are affected. ~ Ed Week

One teacher's absence can have a powerful ripple effect on a school. That effect is magnified when a substitute teacher is not available to fill the vacancy. Absences cost schools - not only in dollars, but in time, energy, morale, and academic momentum. In cases of unplanned or last-minute callouts, fellow teachers are often called upon to fill the vacancy. The costs of colleagues covering for one another are numerous: larger classes, loss of planning and collaboration time, lack of continuity, increased student behavior issues, and added stress for teachers and students alike.  

Covering for colleagues when substitutes cannot be found adds to the already hefty responsibilities that lead to teacher burnout. In the United States, K-12 workers have the highest burnout level of all industries nationally. Preventing burnout is a formidable task for school leadership. Having a sufficient supply of quality substitute teachers is one remedy. 

The Costs: Time, Energy, Morale, Momentum 

Principals and other administrators may also cover for absent teachers, but at what cost to the school? When administrators have to teach classes, they are not performing their numerous job responsibilities. Students, faculty, parents, and school staff feel the impact when administrators are unavailable to interact and address the daily business of running an effective school. Morale and achievement suffer when qualified substitute teachers are unavailable, and it’s the students who pay the biggest price. 

Proactive Absence Management is Key

School leaders recognize the positive impact of reliable substitute teachers. Choosing to work with a substitute teacher staffing agency – an agency specifically geared for the educational sector and dedicated to pairing competent, reliable, well-trained substitute teachers – ensures you will have the staffing coverage you need to run your school effectively.

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