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The Substitute Teacher Wish List Every Administrator Needs to See

The Substitute Teacher Wish List Every Administrator Needs to See

Substitute teachers are an essential part of your school's staffing plan, but attracting and retaining them is not easy. Paying attention to your school's "substitute friendliness" as a working environment matters more than you might think. Your guest teachers are more than just an adult in the room keeping your student supervision ratios in compliance. They have a choice when, where, and often IF to come to work each day. Subs who feel seen and heard are subs who will show up and go the extra mile for your school.

Here are the top 5 "wish list" items your substitute teachers want you to know:

  • Be glad (and prepared) to see us! A little friendliness and a few introductions go a long way, especially for subs coming into your school for the first time.

  • Provide the tools we need to be successful. These might include a loaner laptop, guest teacher passwords, a map of the school, and a key to the faculty restroom.

  • We want to keep your students safe. Subs need to understand our role in the school's emergency plans and how to safely guide students through safety drills and actual emergencies. 

  • Please provide us with some back up! How do we easily reach the school nurse, the dean, a co-teacher, or an administrator in charge? 

  • Finally, include us whenever possible. Knowing it's "field day" so we can bring sunscreen and a hat is helpful. Receiving a teacher appreciation box lunch or a doughnut along with the rest of the faculty is a simple (and delicious) gesture that makes us feel like a valued member of the team.

Communication, inclusion, and a bit of thoughtfulness help create an environment that supports your substitute teachers to do their best work ... and sends your school to the top of the list when your subs are choosing which job to accept and which jobs to leave vacant.

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