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Welcoming Students Back to School After Winter Break

Welcoming Students Back to School After Winter Break

Welcome 2024!

Soon, you'll welcome your students back to school for the second semester. While many of them will have had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, we know that some students faced family struggles and other hardships while they were away. The comfort and safety of a warm, welcoming school environment will surely be appreciated by all. How can administrators help set the stage for a brand new year of academic and social success for all students?


Six ideas to help students smoothly transition back to school after the winter break:

  1. Start the first day with icebreaker activities to help students get reacquainted and re-establish schoolwide and classroom routines.
  2. Review and reinforce previously learned content to help students refresh their memories.
  3. Provide students with a warm and welcoming school and classroom environment. Consider the "messages" that the cleanliness, lighting, seating, bulletin boards, and signs send to your students. Everything speaks!
  4. Encourage students to set goals for the new year and help them create a plan to achieve them.
  5. Allow students to share their winter break experiences and discuss any challenges they may have faced.
  6. Incorporate fun and engaging activities into the curriculum to make the transition back to school more enjoyable.

Take care of teachers, too!

The new year and winter season bring an increased likelihood of staff absences. Your teachers deserve the peace of mind that great substitutes provide. Having highly qualified substitute teachers is essential for maintaining continuity in the classroom and ensuring academic momentum. By investing in quality substitutes, schools can provide their teachers with an opportunity to take sick days when needed, and still give students the positive learning environments they need to thrive. Free hot chocolate in the break room is a nice touch, as well. Happy new semester to all! 

Learn more about the benefits of highly qualified long-term substitutes at Sub Teacher Source!  

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